Monday, July 6, 2020

The Month of June

In June, the plants always seem so small. Looking at the above photo makes me chuckle, since those zucchini plants are at least 5 times bigger now. Once again, I remind myself to plant things farther apart. There was a hail storm in June, which left large rips in many of the leaves, but the plants seem to be surviving, if not parched from lack of rain. The peas have been picked, lettuce and broccoli pulled, and beans planted in their place. 

I finished 2 crafty projects, first being the Willowfall Cowl. The lace pattern is beautiful and it I like how it grows from bottom to top. The sad fact is that when it is worn all bunched up, it's not going to be visible. Oh well, at least I'll know it's there. 

The second item I finished was a cover for my sewing machine. It was getting dusty and covered with cat hair (like everything else in this house), and the plastic cover it came with didn't sit well on it with thread on the thread holder. I improvised it as I went and did some free-motion quilting to add some shape. It's still a little floppy (should have added a layer of fabric on the back) but it does the job.

Other than that - the usual. Playing in the sprinkler and baby pool (not me, the kids), delivering snacks and cleaning up, always cleaning up, trying to work with shrieks in the background and being video-bombed by a toddler during work meetings. At night, painting and gardening and knitting. It's looking like I won't be back in the office until next year sometime, and who knows what first grade is going to look like for Mary. What I miss the most right now are browsing in the library and thrift stores. I have a rotation going of the same 5 t-shirts, which is showing how useless my closet full of work clothes is as the moment. I am searching for a middle ground between t-shirts and pants with buttons.

I hope everyone is staying safe out there! 

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