Friday, April 10, 2020

Life in the Time of Coronavirus, Week 4

Oh my, how is everyone doing? What was a first a fun stay-at-home adventure has now descending into drudgery where every day is pretty much the same. A few months ago, we put together a list of all the local-ish gardens and museums we wanted to visit, and now it's looking like those visits won't happen for some time.

The tulips I planted last fall are emerging; because tulips don't naturalize the way daffodils do, I planted them closely together in my garden and am just pulling up the bulbs when I pick them. It's not worth the real estate when only a small percentage will bloom a second year in a row. Tomatoes and flowers are emerging under the grow light in the basement, but it's still a few more weeks before it will be warm enough to start planting in earnest.

On the knitting front I am working on the Willowfall Cowl in Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere. I realize that when I wear it, it will be all bunched up and the lace pattern will be mostly lost. This is a good example of valuing the process, though. I also bought the yarn for the Darkwater sweater, which I have yet to swatch for. This was actually the second round of yarn, as the first came nowhere near gauge (22 sts = 4" with fingering, insanity!) It's a big undertaking and I don't think I'm mentally ready for it!

The needlepoint I was lucky to find pristine in a bin at a thrift store. It is from 1977 and the package was unopened. I have been enjoying the rhythm of pulling a needle in and out, and there is near-instant satisfaction of seeing progress.

The bottom doodle/art journal page was inspired by Jane Skates's #colortheworld100. (See this video for the process.) I feel kind of meh about the end result, but again, process and experimentation! I have no artistic "style", so I am just trying everything until I hit on what I like.

Finally, a link: Getting Through a Pandemic with Old-Fashioned Crafts. Crafting is hardly new to the pandemic, nor are crafts "old-fashioned", but I am forever thankful for my projects which progress forward while the world appears to be stalled.