Friday, August 21, 2020

The Long and Light Days of Summer


I am pre-mourning the end of summer. All of the places open to us are outside: trails, the yard, parks, more trails. It won't get truly cold and dark until November, but I am already dreading it. I've heard the saying, "There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing," but I'm calling BS on that one. Yes, we can put on jackets and hats and we won't freeze to death, but it's certainly not fun to be outside when it's below 40 degrees. Were I still a kidless individual, I'd have no problem cozying up inside with blankets and books and candles, but children do not appreciate ambiance, and they cannot be trusted around open flames.

I think there are two types of blogs. There are the big money-making ones that are all about the big reveal, seemingly renovating entire rooms and building a new piece of furniture every day. There are also the ones like mine, where life moves along at a trickling pace, changes happening so slowly that they are hardly noticed. It doesn't make for great Content, but it's real life. Around the houses, small changes are happening. I moved some paintings around. Some light fixtures were replaced. I cleaned out a closet. The laundry was done, the floor was swept, the dishes were washed, and then it all got dirty again.

Crafting has taken on a similar pace. I knit a few rows of a sweater each night, I do half of a painting, complete some ordinary art journal pages and move ever-so-slightly forward in those blank books. I cut out fabric, and it sits for months. 

I've added some blogs to the sidebar with a similar pace. I love reading about ordinary lives, the incremental, imperceptible changes, and seeing the flowers and knitting grow just a little bit from photo to photo. If you have any suggestions for more of the same, please let me know.

So here there are picnics (and cleaning up picnics), art projects (and cleaning up art projects), baking (and washing dishes), growing plants (and then throwing them away when they die), fort building, TV watching, book reading, going for drives, exercising, working, and putting kids to bed. It's the same, everything repeats itself, and live moves forward.