Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Currently Knitting

I've become a little too into certain Instagram feeds where new projects are posted every few days. Socks fly off the needles in four days, new shawls appear weekly, and a sweater magically knits itself every month. While incredibly inspiring, this is not how I roll. I tend to plod along on a few things over a course of a few months (or even years, in the case of blankets and quilts), which makes my updates all very similar. Hey guess what, this sweater looks exactly the same but is actually an inch longer!

What I'm currently plodding away on:
  • A Red Rock Canyon shawl in two maybe-a-little-too-similar shades of Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere. The striping is subtle, but I suspect it will show up more when the shawl is finished. I'm probably more likely to wear a purple tonal shawl than a crazy striped one anyway. Oh, and this yarn is amazing. It's like petting a kitten's belly.
  • Acer Cardigan in Cascade 220. I don't knit many sweaters, but somehow I ended up with two sweater quantities of yarn in olive green. The fronts and back are knitted in one piece, which is why it's so wide; don't worry, I'm not bringing 80s sweaters back.
I finished up a Sockhead Hat in some handspun merino which has finally found its calling. This is the third iteration of this yarn (previously a bias-knit cowl, and then a crocheted cowl), and it works! The merino is crazy soft and warm, although I'm still not nuts about the colors. Also, this is a "slouchy" hat. I'm not sure how trendy people manage to achieve the perfect slouchy hat, because mine always sticks up like a conehead.

Last but not least, I am so close to finishing The Afghan of Death. I started a crochet blanket in April 2011 (yes, almost 4 years ago), and all it needs are about 8 more seams and a border. Remind me about this if I ever mention wanting to crochet another blanket.

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