Monday, May 4, 2020

Life in the Time of Coronavirus: Week 7

Hello from day...... 47? Today is May, but it has been a cold, wet spring. Both my kids have decided they like hiking (or walking through mud and collecting rocks), and we have been out three times when it hasn't been too cold or rainy. The problem is that everyone else is out too! The solace of the woods is more like a highway these days.

My biggest project for the past few weeks has not been a craft, but a craft room. My craft room and office was previously located in a large room that is a landing by the stairs. It doesn't have a door, and screaming tends to drift upstairs. The room that you see above was an empty bedroom that had a 90s floral wallpaper border. For nearly 5 years I have ignored that wallpaper; it turns out being home every single day was the motivation I needed to finally get rid of it. It was the chore I suspected, but getting rid of it and painting the room completely changes everything. I moved in all my desks, so I can call into work meetings with the door closed, and all my sewing and painting stuff is now in one place. I still have some work to do putting stuff on the walls, which should be a good project for the next few weeks. The landing is now a second living room area, which I'll share photos of soon.

I have sewed a few masks, but it's not my favorite thing to do so I've not started a production line or anything. The perennial problem is that there are just too many things I want to make! I want to paint some art for the walls, use up yarn and fabric making Christmas gifts (it's never too early), and also #memademay is making me want to sew more of my own clothes. It's also gardening season: the tomatoes have been planted, but the rest of the garden will need to be done over the next couple of weeks. I had hoped to take some days off work to work on projects while the kids were in school, but now of course that won't be an option for quite some time.

How do you handle the backlog of projects you want to get done?


  1. I handle it by looking at them and thinking "I should work on that" and then not doing anything. Right now I think I have 15 cross stitch WIPs, 1 quilt top that I made that needs to be quilted (once I figure out how to do that), 1 quilt top in progress and three that my grandma mad that need to be quilted. :(

    1. That's one of the reasons why I started the blog back up: because I want to recognize what I have finished, not just everything I still want to do! The potential will always outweigh the done, and let's face, we'll never actually be "done".


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