Sunday, October 25, 2020


Now that I know my teleworking purgatory will last at least 9 more months, I realized I needed to switch up my routine: I started walking in the morning before I start work. Walking 5 steps to my computer was prematurely aging my body, I'm sure. I haven't missed sitting in the car for hours, but I do miss my public transportation commute when I could read and walk before sitting down at my desk.

We are lucky to live in a suburban pocket that is not completely taken over by houses. Across the street are 42 acres of farmland which can't be subdivided, and there are several other farms nearby. Unfortunately these are marred by a McMansion neighborhood, but I conveniently cropped out those monstrosities. The good news is that apparently people who live in McMansions don't need to come outside because they can just lap between their giant rooms, so it is usually quiet and serene.

The weather has been beautiful lately as the trees reach peak color. The fog settles into the valleys early in the morning before it burns off. The sky is a brilliant blue and the fields are just starting to turn a golden brown. I am trying to soak it up before it becomes too cold and dark. 

I am usually fine until Christmas; the bare trees are fairly new, and everything is twinkly and festive. But then, January through March happens, those brown, dead months before gardening season begins. I wish there were some traditions or something to help us get through those months (and not valentine's day... no one really cares about that right?) What do you do to survive the dead of winter?


  1. Just returning the "hello" from England. Loving the wide open spaces of your corner of the world too.
    Blue skies and crisp Autumn leaves, just perfect.
    I shall probably be baking more and starting some yarn projects as we start to cosy down here and maybe I will work a little on the garden weather permitting. Take care.

  2. Such a lovely blog you have, Sarah! Found the link from your comment on my blog.

    Winter is so hard for me, too. I feel the same way you do. I don't have a great system for making it through January-March. If it's a sunny winter it's easier than if it's a dreary one. I try to have plenty of projects to keep me busy, drink lots of tea, do lots of baking (and eating), light candles and incense and bury my nose in book after book.

    1. Thank you! Excellent point about sunny vs. dreary. Light makes a huge difference, even if it's cold. I love your cozy take on these winter months!


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