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Hi! I'm Sarah. I have been creative ever since I can remember, starting with sewing a small coin purse by hand as a child, finger knitting, and splatter painting. I made my first quilt as a teenager, and learned to knit in college, and since then have never been without a project. I have also continued to sew, garden, decorate my house, and even have built furniture.

It's hard to find time for all of this while raising two small girls with my husband and holding down a full-time job, but I cannot imagine a life without making.


  1. Sarah, I read on letter writers alliance that you created a pdf of the old WWII v-mail stationary. The link does not work any longer, I was wondering if you still have the pdf and if so would you be willing to share it?

  2. No, I'm sorry, I made that about 10 years ago and I no longer have the PDF.


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